Krysta (kleedel01) wrote,

Long Time I know!!!

Wow, It's been so long I don't even know what's happened. I got a little on Thursday (oct. 21). Her name is Nicole and she's super cool and I'm super excited! Um, Mark moved this weekend, it was busy. We went to a haunted house and I was doing really good until Mark got scared and thought by grabing me from behind I would some how console him or hold him as to lessen his fear. I was scared shitless, but aftwerwards it was just frickin' hysterical. I rode with Kelley for the first time since she got her permit. I felt really old but she did an excellent job, just some minor mistakes that will correct themselves as she practices. Um, well that's about it! Oh yea, I almost forgot, Mike and I started talking , again. He's comming up for CMU vs. WMU so I'm buying his tickets and I am meeting up with him sometime Satureday to give him the tickets. I'm nervous about him and Mark meeting and I think i'm gonna avoid letting that happen!
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