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Chicago Weekend!!!!

OK, so after many debates we decided to leave from Clio at 8 am which turned into like 9 am. Anyways, despite my many stops we arrived at Ashley's in a timely manner. Friday we had lunch then went shopping at Ikea before heading to Evanston for Flat Top. It was so yummy, I had a drink there called a Horny Monkey. Hangin' out w/ Erika, Donna, Ashley, and Lauren was a blast as usual. I didn't realize how much I missed everyone. After dinner we went to sleep. Saturday we went to the pool with Ashley and sun tanned and everyone swam except me. After that we spent the afternoon getting ready for the game. I rode to the game with Mike which was strange. It wasn't so much spending time w/ him that was weird b/c I've done that a ton of times but this was the first time that we've hung out as friends. Plus we kept passing things and I was bringing up old times. I miss him but am thankful that things have worked out as they have. I realized how much I really do love Mark despite all the problems Mike seems to think we have or all the worries I have. Anyways, I had a Corona and a Mike's Hard Lemonade at the game, which the Tigers gracefully manage to destroy and sucked it up pretty bad. How do you lose a game in which you led by 6 until the 7th inning? I dunno, but Aaron Rowand from the Sox is a total hottie. He's my fav. new player despite the team he plays for!!! Anyways, we watched fireworks after the game which was strange b/c I always wanted to watch fireworks with him but under different circumstances. Everyone decided to go downtown to Navy Pier for their fireworks but Mike didn't want to go b/c our first kiss was there and that really would have been weird, I never even thought about it tho! We went to TGIFRIDAYS instead. We both ordered a drink and an appetizer before he took me back to Ashley's. Sunday we got up and had amazing breakfast then drove home w/o an ounce of traffic. Once i got home Mark and Chris showed up to get the waterbed and I put my new bed up and got my room put back into order. After that I went to Chris and Amber's and hung out w/ them and Melinda and Trevor and Mark. Then I left from there and went and spent the night w/ my sweetie. It was amazing, as usual!!!
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