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21st Birthday

Ok, so I already typed this once then I accidently pushed the X. Anyways, so it was the best week of my life. On tuesday I stayed at Mark's and it was amazing. THen i had class wednesday and went home after that where my mom and dad and sisters left me a card. Later I went over to my grndmas and she got me some flim and some tupperware stuff and $10. THe card was so cool. Anyways, that night Mark, Aunt El, Allison, Kelley, Mom, Dad and I went to Don Pablos where I had my first ligal drink. THat night I stayed the night at Mark's. He got me the cutest card and wrote me the most amazing letter ever. It felt so nice to hear how important I am to him. He also gave me $100. Afte class Thursday I went home and Mom, Kelley and I went shopping. On Friday I went to Oasis and met Aunt El, Uncle Jerry, and AUnt Nita there with Mark. THen later that night Mark and I went to Otter Lake. In total I had 3 vodka and cranberries, a shot of yeager, and 3 Tequila Sunrises. I stayed at Mark's that night too. On friday I worked 5-10 and then met Mark at my house before meeting trevor, Melinda, Nicki and Nate, and TIm at the bowling alley. I had quite a bit to drink there. Including a three wise men that Trevor and Billy bought me. It was a blast. I had quite a bit to drink there too. 2 Tequila sunrises, 2 sweet tarts, and 3 strawberry dacquiris. After that Mark and I went back to his house. On the fourth we went to his friend Mike's mom and dad's where they shot off fireworks and had a complete blast. We shot off roman candles from our hands, it was pretty cool. Anyways, Mark and I both had today off so we've been laying around all day watchin cartoons and had some pizza. Anyways, that's about it. THank you Mark, Mom, Dad, Uncle Jerry, AUnt Nita, Kelley, Allison, Aunt El, Melinda, Trevor, Billy, Nate, Nicki, and Marks' family for a wonderful week. Later Gators
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