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Need to update ya'll!!

THings w/ mark are still goin' great. I love him to pieces. Anyways, I was in Mt. P on Wednesday and got a lot of stuff outta the way. I found out my FAFSA didn't go through online so I'm applying using good ol' trustworthy snail mail, I also paid my rent and did my teacher program interview. THe interview went well (I think) and I should get the results sometime this week. I'll let ya all know how it went. I also got to my apartment and found 1) my bedroom flooded and 2) the elctricity didn't get shut off so all the stuff in the fridge wasn't stinky. I also emptied the dishwasher and did the dishes that were in the sink (eww). Anywho, mark is outta the shower and i'm gonna go piss and cuddle up next to him..lata
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