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Another update!

Hey all! I had surgery today on my lip. The bump is completely gone but the pain is almost unbearable right now. I was very scared that it wasn't going to go well but the surgeon said I was the best possible patient with the best possible outcome. I have a gross taste in my mouth and can't brush my teeth until tomorrow. Eating and drinking wasn't a problem until about 5 pm today b/c I had all my feeling back. Well I have about 19-20 stitches in my mouth now. So on top of all of that recruitment is this week and I'm totally slacking on my committee responsibilities. It is also painful to talk so this should be fun. I have a huge quiz tomorrow and I forgot the sheet that I was supposed to study from. I also got painful to my self-esteem news last night. The e-board of SGA appointed my component to my social committee position. So despite how i use to feel or what people have said to me I'm convinced that I'm a failure. And don't argue, anyone can go to school and manage a boyfriend but it takes someone with something special, an edge to lead groups and to be involved...and well other then my lil position in AX I have nothing now. I'm plain and boring and a failure. God my life sucks so much right now...ok, well maybe not! Mark is amazing. He was so supportive this weekend. He promised me that no matter what the outcome of the lip issue was, even if I was forever deformed more than i already am, that he would always love me. Then twice today he said the sweetest things to me and went so much out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and felt good. I can't believe how much him and I have developed together. We have grown so much both separately and together. Our relationship is so good with a perfect balance between all the aspects...I dunno, its hard to describe. But I know I love him :) Oh lil was super supportive too...she was super concerned on the phone and stuff..I luv her and Minna too! Thanks for being so understanding and so helpful with Bid Day stuff!
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