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So finals started today. I know I did pretty well on my Philosophy one. I also got my paper back 20/20 that's 100% and one of the best grades in the class (2 other people got 100%s). As far as my final for Mth 223 (Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory) I'm not so sure I'll be getting anything other than a C in that class (of course, it's math). I'm convinced that I can't do better in any math class than a C, it's like I'm proned to only getting Cs. That, unfotunately, is not gonna fly with the education program's requirements seeing as I have to have a C+ average in my minor and definitely have a C average, C's right straight across the board...ick. Oh well, I studied for 9 hours for it and if I hadn't learned it by the end of last night there wasn't any hope for me. Of course, most of the stuff I knew and really understand and was prepared for wasn't the stuff on the final. Oh well, there isn't a damn thing I can do about it now. I tried pretty hard, but really need to buckle down and get things taken care of. I only have 3 semesters left and I think 4 math classes to take. It's time to really start learning that math if I ever plan on getting out of college or plan to teach math to anyone other than 3rd graders. Anyways, I have 2 more finals left, one is Wednesday at noon and the other is a take home (choose 3 questions out of a list of 6 and write a 3-5 page essay on each one making connections between different literary theories) that is due Thursday by 5. Hopefully I'll get it done tonight and tomorrow during the day so i can get my butt home on Wednesday. I really wanted to go see Mike sometime over break but my mom said "over my dead body" and Mark said it was ok but then he's been making Mike jokes since then. I just decided it might be in everyone's best interest if I just stayed home. It's still disappointing b/c I miss a lot of stuff dealing with him but by no means am I intersted in being with him. We just had a good time and I miss some of the fun stuff we used to do like random Meijer trips and steak and shake trips in the middle of blizzards to escape watching some Freddie or Jason movie, hockey games, ya know stuff like that. All the things I miss we could totally do as friends and I want him and I to remain friends. He's a good guy. I guess the major reason I'm not going down there is because I'm scared that if I do 1) things with Mark will change and 2) I might have a relapse. It's funny how I talk about it like it's cancer or something. It could be that detremental! On another note, since I mentioned cancer, My sister Melissa is really sick right now. Her white blood cell count is down pretty low and she's in the hospital. She just had her last round of chemo but b/c she is so weak and sick right now they can't do a catscan or MRI to see if the cancer is gone. I think about her every day and I want her to get better. Mark and I, on our Saturday Christmas shopping trip, bought a bear from JB Robinson's from St. Jude's Children's Hospital. $10 was donated directly to the hospital. I'm sending the bear to her and her family for Christmas. Although Melno hasn't been getting treatment at or even been to St. Jude's her little brother was diagnosed with Luekemia and is currently in remission. I just know that it would help and hopefully cheer her up. And if she reads this, Melno you are so inspirational. I've never met anyone nearly as strong as you. Keep your head up and know that people love you very much and are thinking about you often and wish you the best!
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