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Hey everyone first I'm sorry for never updating. Everytime I log on and try to update it switches to my friend Jean Anns journal. I've officially stopped trying at my apartment which means I only update when I'm the library...or the computer lab...Both of which rarely occur. But, tonight I did decide the library was the place for me to be. So an update. Mark and I are coming up to our 6 month anniversary. It has gone by so fast, it doesn't feel at all like we've been together that long. Things are going great, everyday is a new adventure for him and I. AXO just had there elections. I ran for the VP Risk Management position because I've experienced a lot of risk management type situations and I really want to provide resources and education to my chapter. Unfortunately, after spending 3 weeks working on my speech and formulating ideas, contacting nationals, talking to people from SAPA, and SADD I wasn't elected. I'm very discouraged right now. Also, my second choice was Parents Club which deals a lot with communication between parents and the chatper as a whole. I didn't get that position either so now I'm Assitant Fraternity Relations which is cool, I'm working as my Big's assistant. I just hope I have enough to keep myself busy. Either way, because I lost both positions I'm currently very discouraged and disappointed in myself. I know I could have done better and I'm convinced that I was the person for the job. But i'll do what I can with my new position and hopefully that will bring me closer to my big. SGA is going well, I just held my most recent social event and I say "I" because no one on my committee attended. That's pretty discouraging too. After all the leadership training and experience I have I just can't seem to make a good impression or get the job done. I'm really down on myself right now. Anyways, I'm not the only one feeling this way I'm just glad I have a good attitude about it because some people definitely do not. I'm looking forward to meeting with the new VP Risk Management to give her some of my ideas and to work with her too. I really want my chapter to be educated and have the resources in one location. It would kill me if one of my sisters felt as though they couldn't talk to anyone or that something tragic happened to one of them because they didn't know where to turn or who they could talk to. Things happen for a reason and I'm pretty sure sometime in the near future i'll figure out why the things that have been happening are happening. that I talked for hours about how i feel that I suck at life and how I feel that i'm a huge failure I'm gonna share my weekend with you. First, it was crazy busy. I got home and started laundry right away. I hung out w/ the fam before my dad left to go hunting and Mark came over. We had a blast, we ate spaghetti for dinner in the living room. It wasn't even at the dinning room table. We also watched family videos from Kelley's first Christmas (1989). It was too funny. THe best part was in 1993 (i think) rachie got 2 bras and she danced around our living room holding them and singing "I got new brals" She pronounced that "L" it wasn't a typo. It was too funny. Saturday was good too, Mark had to work and he helped some friends move so it was nice to just hang out with the family and everything. We went to my cousins 2nd birthday party. Matt, Misty, JD, Gma, Gpa, Aunt El, Matt, nicki, Connie, Erin, Marcus, Kelley, mom, Aunt Cathy and my cousin matt's friend were all there. After that we went to the tail end of a baby shower. Then we went home basically and hung out and we played demolition and took the back deck off the house and had a huge fire. Mark came over pretty late that night. We were all hanging around gettin our drink on. Tara, Rachel, Kelley, Mel, Amanda, Ashley, and Melinda, my mom, Mark and I were all there and all pretty wasted, minus Mel and melinda of course. When things go rowdy and really annoying Mark and I met Nicki, Dan, aunt connie, randi, Addy, Pam, Jenny, Scott, Eric, gma, aunt cathy, aunt el, and matt all at the bowling alley. They had just finished there last game so Aunt Cathy, Aunt El, matt, Nicki, Dan, Mark and I, and this lady that used to babysit me went to OASIS (a bar) and go out drink on some more. After last call we decided breakfast was a great Idea so Mark, Matt, Aunt El, the lady that babysat me, and her bf and I went out to the Clio Cafe (formerly the CLio Kettle) for breakfast. it was like 3:30 by the time I got back marks and at least 5:00 before we went to sleep. Sunday we got up, exhausted, around noon and spent the rest of the time re-writing my speech b/c I lost the one i had been practicing, packing, and such. I pretty much came back to school, got dressed up for meeting and became a failure! Basically, that's the last 3 weeks of my life in a nutshell. I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving Break and Christmas break b/c I'm really home sick.
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