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24th January 2005

10:22pm: Another update!
Hey all! I had surgery today on my lip. The bump is completely gone but the pain is almost unbearable right now. I was very scared that it wasn't going to go well but the surgeon said I was the best possible patient with the best possible outcome. I have a gross taste in my mouth and can't brush my teeth until tomorrow. Eating and drinking wasn't a problem until about 5 pm today b/c I had all my feeling back. Well I have about 19-20 stitches in my mouth now. So on top of all of that recruitment is this week and I'm totally slacking on my committee responsibilities. It is also painful to talk so this should be fun. I have a huge quiz tomorrow and I forgot the sheet that I was supposed to study from. I also got painful to my self-esteem news last night. The e-board of SGA appointed my component to my social committee position. So despite how i use to feel or what people have said to me I'm convinced that I'm a failure. And don't argue, anyone can go to school and manage a boyfriend but it takes someone with something special, an edge to lead groups and to be involved...and well other then my lil position in AX I have nothing now. I'm plain and boring and a failure. God my life sucks so much right now...ok, well maybe not! Mark is amazing. He was so supportive this weekend. He promised me that no matter what the outcome of the lip issue was, even if I was forever deformed more than i already am, that he would always love me. Then twice today he said the sweetest things to me and went so much out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and felt good. I can't believe how much him and I have developed together. We have grown so much both separately and together. Our relationship is so good with a perfect balance between all the aspects...I dunno, its hard to describe. But I know I love him :) Oh yea...my lil was super supportive too...she was super concerned on the phone and stuff..I luv her and Minna too! Thanks for being so understanding and so helpful with Bid Day stuff!
Current Mood: disappointed

4th January 2005

9:40am: So much fun!
i have baby john all day today! Ok, well he's not really a baby anymore! He's 2 now! Oh well, he found out how to use an umbrella, pencil sharpener and the piggy banks! Fun Fun...now he wants toys!
Current Mood: happy

20th December 2004

8:52pm: Back home!
I've been home since Thrusday and Im craving homework because I'm so bored. I started work today, it wasn't terribly bad! I also have talked to a good friend today and last night and I hope I made things better for you! Other than that, Christmas is comming up here in a few days ( I can't wait for my Christmas present from my mom and punkin head)..Hmmm..today is the 20th, that means 7 months for mark and I..God I love him so much and I missed him today b/c I only got to see hime for like 15 minutes because he had to work, i had to work, then he had a guys night tonight!!! Hmm, I miss him :(
Current Mood: bored

13th December 2004

6:58pm: Finals...AHH!
So finals started today. I know I did pretty well on my Philosophy one. I also got my paper back 20/20 that's 100% and one of the best grades in the class (2 other people got 100%s). As far as my final for Mth 223 (Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory) I'm not so sure I'll be getting anything other than a C in that class (of course, it's math). I'm convinced that I can't do better in any math class than a C, it's like I'm proned to only getting Cs. That, unfotunately, is not gonna fly with the education program's requirements seeing as I have to have a C+ average in my minor and definitely have a C average, C's right straight across the board...ick. Oh well, I studied for 9 hours for it and if I hadn't learned it by the end of last night there wasn't any hope for me. Of course, most of the stuff I knew and really understand and was prepared for wasn't the stuff on the final. Oh well, there isn't a damn thing I can do about it now. I tried pretty hard, but really need to buckle down and get things taken care of. I only have 3 semesters left and I think 4 math classes to take. It's time to really start learning that math if I ever plan on getting out of college or plan to teach math to anyone other than 3rd graders. Anyways, I have 2 more finals left, one is Wednesday at noon and the other is a take home (choose 3 questions out of a list of 6 and write a 3-5 page essay on each one making connections between different literary theories) that is due Thursday by 5. Hopefully I'll get it done tonight and tomorrow during the day so i can get my butt home on Wednesday. I really wanted to go see Mike sometime over break but my mom said "over my dead body" and Mark said it was ok but then he's been making Mike jokes since then. I just decided it might be in everyone's best interest if I just stayed home. It's still disappointing b/c I miss a lot of stuff dealing with him but by no means am I intersted in being with him. We just had a good time and I miss some of the fun stuff we used to do like random Meijer trips and steak and shake trips in the middle of blizzards to escape watching some Freddie or Jason movie, hockey games, ya know stuff like that. All the things I miss we could totally do as friends and I want him and I to remain friends. He's a good guy. I guess the major reason I'm not going down there is because I'm scared that if I do 1) things with Mark will change and 2) I might have a relapse. It's funny how I talk about it like it's cancer or something. It could be that detremental! On another note, since I mentioned cancer, My sister Melissa is really sick right now. Her white blood cell count is down pretty low and she's in the hospital. She just had her last round of chemo but b/c she is so weak and sick right now they can't do a catscan or MRI to see if the cancer is gone. I think about her every day and I want her to get better. Mark and I, on our Saturday Christmas shopping trip, bought a bear from JB Robinson's from St. Jude's Children's Hospital. $10 was donated directly to the hospital. I'm sending the bear to her and her family for Christmas. Although Melno hasn't been getting treatment at or even been to St. Jude's her little brother was diagnosed with Luekemia and is currently in remission. I just know that it would help and hopefully cheer her up. And if she reads this, Melno you are so inspirational. I've never met anyone nearly as strong as you. Keep your head up and know that people love you very much and are thinking about you often and wish you the best!
Current Mood: Mixed emotions right now

6th December 2004

9:26pm: I suck I know
Ok, so things with Mark are great! But that's not what I wanted to say. I won something on the radio today which lifted my spirits. Anyways, exams are comming up and I'm freaking out so if I do per chance decide to jump off a bridge please attend my funeral.
Current Mood: Super stressed

2nd December 2004

12:02am: OMG
OK, so this is really strange but I made a few modifications to my computer and I can now view and update my journal from home. The strangest part is that I know nothing about computers except for the microscopic amount of info I retained from P. Kinni (Patrick Kinnicut) lol...anyways, life is great! Everyone around me is getting married or talks about marriage. That scares me. Been there almost did that and I'n not convinced that I'd like to go down that road again! It was joyful and painful, exciting and depressing, but most of all I ended up crying in the end and it wasn't one of those happy cries a woman has at the alter. I dunno, I guess after my 2 past proposals I'm just thankful to be enjoying being a couple without the pressure of marriage. I'm not saying that I don't someday want to marry Mark b/c I love him more than anything else in my life right now and he's one of the best things that has ever happened to me but I'm enjoying him and I being gf and bf and I'm enjoying the excitement and everything that goes along with dating. I dunno, I just want the next time I'm proposed to to be the last time. I want to get this right (i think I may have it right) but only time will tell. Anyways, that was really random. I've really been thinking about how much I wish I could get out of living in the house. Its going to cost my parents a ton, maybe so much that my sister Rachel won't be able to ever go away to college. Also, I'm afraid that if I end up graduating in December 06 instead of May 06 that I won't be able to get a job until August 07 and that's a long ass time to go careerless especially when I need to pay back my student loans. Because all the reasons I was staying here have fallen through it doesn't make sense for me to stay an extra semester even tho I luv Megan and want to live with her. Oh well, it's too late now. Everyone has already signed leases so no one is going to want to go back on that and live in the house now. Oh well! On another note, my "to do" list got shorter today. I crossed two things off. Including exams and SGA stuff I have roughly 18 things left to do before Dec. 15th (I hope)
Current Mood: aggravated

21st November 2004

4:32pm: What a weekend!!!
Ok, so this weekend was spectacular overall. Friday was busy, as usual. They always are my busy day. But Mark got here pretty early and we hung out until dinner time. We went to McDonalds (McYumyums) for dinner before going to the house for the night. I was so happy that we weren't busy saferiding and him and I had a blast picking out kids names that were funny and playing MASH and drawing our dream houses...lol...We're goofy I know. Well Saturday I was supposed to meet at the SGA office to go to the game but I was up late saferiding, and up even later couging so I decided it was in my best interest to sleep all day, so I did. Well, when I finally got outta bed mark and I showered (separately)and got ready for the day. We went up to Clare and he took me to this really good Chinese restaurant for lunch, some little shops in downtown Clare (basically a porcelien doll shop and a jewelry store) and then we went to Jay's sporting goods. We had a blast and there were a bunch of people across the parking lot from Jay's selling puppies, so of course I had to hold everyone of them :) When we were in Jay's we played with like everything imaginable. After that we came back to my apartment and watched Cheaper by the Dozen and Someone Like You then got some Taco Bell for dinner (at like midnight). Sometime during the day Mark went to the store and got us some icecream and he came back with a dozen Red Roses (my favorite). After eating we went to bed. This morning we got up and watched the end of Muppets in Manhattan, while I cooked some pancakes for breakfast, and Burce Almighty when we were eating breakfast. After that he walked the garbage out with my and went home :( but now I'm at the library updating this because I think I have enough research for my term paper that is due tomorrow so I'm about to go back to my apartment and type it. Wish me luck! P.S I love you Mark, thanks for the best 6 month anniversary ever :)
Current Mood: peaceful

17th November 2004

10:53am: SICK!!!
OMG...ok so I thought I was getting better after yesterday. After the .5 hrs of sleep I got last night, and I'm not exaggerating, i feel worse then I've ever felt. I'm sweating like mad style and its chilly outside, i keep coughing, and now I'm really dizzy. I'm about 100% sure I'm running a fever and on top of it all...I just found out today that this huge research paper that my professor has been talking about to us is due in 5 days and I haven't started it!!! Grrr...as if life wasn't already bringing my down, now I have to combat against the flu...ick!
Current Mood: sick

15th November 2004

Hey everyone first I'm sorry for never updating. Everytime I log on and try to update it switches to my friend Jean Anns journal. I've officially stopped trying at my apartment which means I only update when I'm 1...in the library...or 2...in the computer lab...Both of which rarely occur. But, tonight I did decide the library was the place for me to be. So an update. Mark and I are coming up to our 6 month anniversary. It has gone by so fast, it doesn't feel at all like we've been together that long. Things are going great, everyday is a new adventure for him and I. AXO just had there elections. I ran for the VP Risk Management position because I've experienced a lot of risk management type situations and I really want to provide resources and education to my chapter. Unfortunately, after spending 3 weeks working on my speech and formulating ideas, contacting nationals, talking to people from SAPA, and SADD I wasn't elected. I'm very discouraged right now. Also, my second choice was Parents Club which deals a lot with communication between parents and the chatper as a whole. I didn't get that position either so now I'm Assitant Fraternity Relations which is cool, I'm working as my Big's assistant. I just hope I have enough to keep myself busy. Either way, because I lost both positions I'm currently very discouraged and disappointed in myself. I know I could have done better and I'm convinced that I was the person for the job. But i'll do what I can with my new position and hopefully that will bring me closer to my big. SGA is going well, I just held my most recent social event and I say "I" because no one on my committee attended. That's pretty discouraging too. After all the leadership training and experience I have I just can't seem to make a good impression or get the job done. I'm really down on myself right now. Anyways, I'm not the only one feeling this way I'm just glad I have a good attitude about it because some people definitely do not. I'm looking forward to meeting with the new VP Risk Management to give her some of my ideas and to work with her too. I really want my chapter to be educated and have the resources in one location. It would kill me if one of my sisters felt as though they couldn't talk to anyone or that something tragic happened to one of them because they didn't know where to turn or who they could talk to. Things happen for a reason and I'm pretty sure sometime in the near future i'll figure out why the things that have been happening are happening. Anyways...now that I talked for hours about how i feel that I suck at life and how I feel that i'm a huge failure I'm gonna share my weekend with you. First, it was crazy busy. I got home and started laundry right away. I hung out w/ the fam before my dad left to go hunting and Mark came over. We had a blast, we ate spaghetti for dinner in the living room. It wasn't even at the dinning room table. We also watched family videos from Kelley's first Christmas (1989). It was too funny. THe best part was in 1993 (i think) rachie got 2 bras and she danced around our living room holding them and singing "I got new brals" She pronounced that "L" it wasn't a typo. It was too funny. Saturday was good too, Mark had to work and he helped some friends move so it was nice to just hang out with the family and everything. We went to my cousins 2nd birthday party. Matt, Misty, JD, Gma, Gpa, Aunt El, Matt, nicki, Connie, Erin, Marcus, Kelley, mom, Aunt Cathy and my cousin matt's friend were all there. After that we went to the tail end of a baby shower. Then we went home basically and hung out and we played demolition and took the back deck off the house and had a huge fire. Mark came over pretty late that night. We were all hanging around gettin our drink on. Tara, Rachel, Kelley, Mel, Amanda, Ashley, and Melinda, my mom, Mark and I were all there and all pretty wasted, minus Mel and melinda of course. When things go rowdy and really annoying Mark and I met Nicki, Dan, aunt connie, randi, Addy, Pam, Jenny, Scott, Eric, gma, aunt cathy, aunt el, and matt all at the bowling alley. They had just finished there last game so Aunt Cathy, Aunt El, matt, Nicki, Dan, Mark and I, and this lady that used to babysit me went to OASIS (a bar) and go out drink on some more. After last call we decided breakfast was a great Idea so Mark, Matt, Aunt El, the lady that babysat me, and her bf and I went out to the Clio Cafe (formerly the CLio Kettle) for breakfast. it was like 3:30 by the time I got back marks and at least 5:00 before we went to sleep. Sunday we got up, exhausted, around noon and spent the rest of the time re-writing my speech b/c I lost the one i had been practicing, packing, and such. I pretty much came back to school, got dressed up for meeting and became a failure! Basically, that's the last 3 weeks of my life in a nutshell. I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving Break and Christmas break b/c I'm really home sick.
Current Mood: melancholy

31st October 2004

10:48pm: Schedule!!!

Ok, here it goes!  P.S It's the best schedule ever!!!

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Elementary Stats 11-12:15

              Current Issues in Contemporary English (Senior Seminar) 2-3:15

              Psychological Foundations in Education 6:30-9:20

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Elementary Stats 11-12:15

               ...Senior Seminar 2-3:15

              Middle and High School Teaching Methods 6:30-9:20

Friday: Nothing

28th October 2004

12:34pm: I schedule in 2 hrs!!!

26th October 2004

4:44am: Long Time I know!!!
Wow, It's been so long I don't even know what's happened. I got a little on Thursday (oct. 21). Her name is Nicole and she's super cool and I'm super excited! Um, Mark moved this weekend, it was busy. We went to a haunted house and I was doing really good until Mark got scared and thought by grabing me from behind I would some how console him or hold him as to lessen his fear. I was scared shitless, but aftwerwards it was just frickin' hysterical. I rode with Kelley for the first time since she got her permit. I felt really old but she did an excellent job, just some minor mistakes that will correct themselves as she practices. Um, well that's about it! Oh yea, I almost forgot, Mike and I started talking , again. He's comming up for CMU vs. WMU so I'm buying his tickets and I am meeting up with him sometime Satureday to give him the tickets. I'm nervous about him and Mark meeting and I think i'm gonna avoid letting that happen!

21st September 2004

1:19pm: What a week!
Recruitment is going excellent. I have met so many amazing girls and I hope that my "rush crush" comes back for theme parties b/c she has to be my little. So i got some news from my mom today that makes me worry about marriage. A very good family freind has been having an affair on his wife of 26 years with a younger woman! All he had to say about it was "it's been 20 hours get over it!" If I were her I would have responded w/ it's been 26 years and I'm over it and walked out. She keeps worrying about her kids but they are like 24, 21, and 15...I think they should all be able to understand where she is comming from. It's absolutely ridiculous what this man has put her too. All because the sex wasn't "ronchie" enough. Hello, it's been 26 years, did you ever stop to think that it's not ronchie b/c you can't even get it up anymore. I hope I don't see him though, b/c i'm almost certain I would bitch slap him. Anywho, Mark I love you and I would consider killing you if you ever did anything like this to me! Ok, not really...but I can garuntee you that I would leave it a heartbeat, but I have never thought you would do something like this but then again I never thought he would either and i'm sure his wife didn't expect anything like this either. Also, I had an emotional breakdown...ick
:( so this news from my household isn't making me feel too much better about things. ON A REALLY GOOD NOTE, I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE TEACHING PROGRAM....2 MORE YEARS OF CLASS AND A SEMESTER OF STUDENT TEACHING AND I'M OUUTA THIS BIOTCH!!!
Current Mood: pissed off

30th August 2004

2:24pm: School has started!!!
ICK is all I have to say!
Current Mood: aggravated

11th August 2004

7:58pm: I can see the checkered flag!
I'm absolutely not ready or excited about going back to school at all. Things at home are too good for me to be leaving behind. It sucks b/c summer has practically come to it's end and it has gone by so fast. Things are hectic around here for me too with work, packing, making list after list, and bringing up my Calc II grade. Yea, so I don't want to go back to school at all and I don't want to have to say bye to Mark...It sucks bad enough that I hafta go 1-2 days in a row w/o seeing him now, I dunno what it is about him but I just can't get enough!
Current Mood: depressed

4th August 2004

2:27pm: Sad Week!!!
So things haven't been going the greatest. I went to the hair shop before I left for Chicago to get my eyebrows waxed and heard that my good friend Kyle was having some complications from a surgery he had in May. Well, Kyle passed away Saturday due to these complications and more complications that arose from them. Well, for those of you who don't know who Kyle is, he was a good friend of mine my freshman year of high school and then last year he lived 3 doors down in the apartment complex. Him, Andy and I hung out a few times and I went over there for a Halloween party. He helped with my car a few times too. Anyways, I've been having a hard time dealing with it b/c he was 1) so young 2) pretty healthy, and 3) such a nice man. Anyways, despite all of that going on things are looking up in class. I got a B on the last exam which brought my grade up significantly. Things are still going great with Mark even though we haven't been spending as much time together as we have been and that's mostly b/c things are work are also looking up. I got 20 hours this week which was pretty darn exciting. I think with my check I'm gonna save half and use the other half so mark and I can get away for a night. Well, that's about all that's going on right now. I leave for school in 16 days and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm gonna miss my sistas and 'rents and Mark, Melinda and Trev. Anywho, I gotta go do my hwk...Peace Yo!!!

R.I.P. Kyle...CMU won't be the same w/o you!!
Current Mood: blank

26th July 2004

6:58pm: Chicago Weekend!!!!
OK, so after many debates we decided to leave from Clio at 8 am which turned into like 9 am. Anyways, despite my many stops we arrived at Ashley's in a timely manner. Friday we had lunch then went shopping at Ikea before heading to Evanston for Flat Top. It was so yummy, I had a drink there called a Horny Monkey. Hangin' out w/ Erika, Donna, Ashley, and Lauren was a blast as usual. I didn't realize how much I missed everyone. After dinner we went to sleep. Saturday we went to the pool with Ashley and sun tanned and everyone swam except me. After that we spent the afternoon getting ready for the game. I rode to the game with Mike which was strange. It wasn't so much spending time w/ him that was weird b/c I've done that a ton of times but this was the first time that we've hung out as friends. Plus we kept passing things and I was bringing up old times. I miss him but am thankful that things have worked out as they have. I realized how much I really do love Mark despite all the problems Mike seems to think we have or all the worries I have. Anyways, I had a Corona and a Mike's Hard Lemonade at the game, which the Tigers gracefully manage to destroy and sucked it up pretty bad. How do you lose a game in which you led by 6 until the 7th inning? I dunno, but Aaron Rowand from the Sox is a total hottie. He's my fav. new player despite the team he plays for!!! Anyways, we watched fireworks after the game which was strange b/c I always wanted to watch fireworks with him but under different circumstances. Everyone decided to go downtown to Navy Pier for their fireworks but Mike didn't want to go b/c our first kiss was there and that really would have been weird, I never even thought about it tho! We went to TGIFRIDAYS instead. We both ordered a drink and an appetizer before he took me back to Ashley's. Sunday we got up and had amazing breakfast then drove home w/o an ounce of traffic. Once i got home Mark and Chris showed up to get the waterbed and I put my new bed up and got my room put back into order. After that I went to Chris and Amber's and hung out w/ them and Melinda and Trevor and Mark. Then I left from there and went and spent the night w/ my sweetie. It was amazing, as usual!!!
Current Mood: calm

19th July 2004

4:26pm: What a weekend!
Mark and I went to Tawas this weekend and it was amazing. We drove up there in the rain later in the afternoon and pretty much just unloaded the car and went to bed after watching a movie. We woke up rather early. It was about 9:00 am and I made scrambled eggs, fried eggs, bacon and sausage. It was excellent. After breakfast we showered and got ready to see some of the beautiful sites up north. Well, I forgot my camera so instead of heading out we just went to Sand Lake for a little bit before heading back to the cabin. We hung out there for a little bit and then grabbed the camera and headed out to Lumberman's Monument. We looked out over the river and I never felt more loved with him holding me there. We decided to climb down the stairs to the river and look at the fish. We sat there talking and splashing out feet in the water for a little bit before climbing back up. After Lumberman's we started driving toward the damn and the bear store. We saw a lil park that had some information about about natural springs. We thought that drinking natural spring water would be pretty cool but weren't really prepared to climb more steps. We talked to one man who came up the stairs huffing and puffing and he said the sites were worth it. We went down the stairs and it was absolutely the coolest thing ever. There were natural springs running everywhere and little paths through the woods and out to the water. After we enjoyed the sites we headed back up the stairs and went to the damn and then to the bear store. We both had strawberry cheesecake ice cream and I bought candy cigarettes. After leaving the bear store we headed back to the cabin and relaxed there for about an hour. After relaxing we hopped back in the car and headed to town. We went throught Norman's and when we came out the front they had 2 street blocks blocked off and had live bands at each end and people were dancin' in the streets. It was so cool. We decided to leave the crowd and walk down the pier before enjoying the music. The walk on the pier was so romantic. It was beautiful outside and it wasn't crowded. We just talked and walked and held hands. It was so nice. We then walked down the streets and listened to the songs. It was like 9 at night when we left town and headed back to the cabin. On the way back we started looking for deer. We didn't see many but we went down this lil two track road and were just driving b/c I knew it opened up back there somewhere. Well after about 2 miles I looked up and saw a state cop in my rear view mirror and freaked out. I found somewhere to turn around so I did and by the time we got back out onto the main road the deer were really out. We saw about 20-30 total. Well, after that we got to the cabin we started a fire and made burgers for dinner. We roasted some marshmallows by the fire and the stars were out and so bright. I couldn't imagine spending such a perfect night w/ anyone else. Once the fire started to die down I found a bucket that had some rain water in it so I put the fire out and Mark and I went to bed until noon Sunday. We made lunch and showered and got ready to go. It was between 4 and 5 when we finally left. On the way home we stopped in Omer at the flea market. I bought Mark a coll thumb ring there then we headed to Pinconning. We stopped and got some cheese and went to another flea market. Mark took the wheel from there. It seriously was the most amazing weekend ever. The weather was perfect, Mark was perfect and such a sweetie and so romantic, as usual.
Current Mood: cheerful

15th July 2004

10:07pm: Nothin new, really
Ok, so Mike and I are friends again. It's nice. He stills picks on me like crazy...nothing's changed w/ him really. anywho, Mark and I are goin up north tomorrow. I can't wait to spend the entire weekend alone w/ him. He's so great and he's excited to see the great up north. Hopefully we'll climb the stairs at Lumberman's monument together and go to the bear store for ice cream. Fun stuff. We might go to the bar too (now that I can...weehaa) Hopefully, "things" are better so we can enjoy being alone. Hope so, anywho I'm out, i need to study....haha yea right!
10:07pm: Nothin new, really
Ok, so Mike and I are friends again. It's nice. He stills picks on me like crazy...nothing's changed w/ him really. anywho, Mark and I are goin up north tomorrow. I can't wait to spend the entire weekend alone w/ him. He's so great and he's excited to see the great up north. Hopefully we'll climb the stairs at Lumberman's monument together and go to the bear store for ice cream. Fun stuff. We might go to the bar too (now that I can...weehaa) Hopefully, "things" are better so we can enjoy being alone. Hope so, anywho I'm out, i need to study....haha yea right!

5th July 2004

7:31pm: 21st Birthday
Ok, so I already typed this once then I accidently pushed the X. Anyways, so it was the best week of my life. On tuesday I stayed at Mark's and it was amazing. THen i had class wednesday and went home after that where my mom and dad and sisters left me a card. Later I went over to my grndmas and she got me some flim and some tupperware stuff and $10. THe card was so cool. Anyways, that night Mark, Aunt El, Allison, Kelley, Mom, Dad and I went to Don Pablos where I had my first ligal drink. THat night I stayed the night at Mark's. He got me the cutest card and wrote me the most amazing letter ever. It felt so nice to hear how important I am to him. He also gave me $100. Afte class Thursday I went home and Mom, Kelley and I went shopping. On Friday I went to Oasis and met Aunt El, Uncle Jerry, and AUnt Nita there with Mark. THen later that night Mark and I went to Otter Lake. In total I had 3 vodka and cranberries, a shot of yeager, and 3 Tequila Sunrises. I stayed at Mark's that night too. On friday I worked 5-10 and then met Mark at my house before meeting trevor, Melinda, Nicki and Nate, and TIm at the bowling alley. I had quite a bit to drink there. Including a three wise men that Trevor and Billy bought me. It was a blast. I had quite a bit to drink there too. 2 Tequila sunrises, 2 sweet tarts, and 3 strawberry dacquiris. After that Mark and I went back to his house. On the fourth we went to his friend Mike's mom and dad's where they shot off fireworks and had a complete blast. We shot off roman candles from our hands, it was pretty cool. Anyways, Mark and I both had today off so we've been laying around all day watchin cartoons and had some pizza. Anyways, that's about it. THank you Mark, Mom, Dad, Uncle Jerry, AUnt Nita, Kelley, Allison, Aunt El, Melinda, Trevor, Billy, Nate, Nicki, and Marks' family for a wonderful week. Later Gators
Current Mood: loved

20th June 2004

11:34pm: Need to update ya'll!!
THings w/ mark are still goin' great. I love him to pieces. Anyways, I was in Mt. P on Wednesday and got a lot of stuff outta the way. I found out my FAFSA didn't go through online so I'm applying using good ol' trustworthy snail mail, I also paid my rent and did my teacher program interview. THe interview went well (I think) and I should get the results sometime this week. I'll let ya all know how it went. I also got to my apartment and found 1) my bedroom flooded and 2) the elctricity didn't get shut off so all the stuff in the fridge wasn't stinky. I also emptied the dishwasher and did the dishes that were in the sink (eww). Anywho, mark is outta the shower and i'm gonna go piss and cuddle up next to him..lata
Current Mood: cheerful

13th June 2004

8:02pm: I love Mark so much!!!
@ Mark's right now. We just had a candlelight dinner that he made for me (he's too good to me). We had chicken and cauliflower and really good salad and the cherry cheesecake for dessert. Yummy in my tummy. He's such a sweetie :) I'm gonna go curl back up on the couch w/ him and finish watching Parent Trap :)
Current Mood: loved

21st May 2004

4:31pm: Life is amazing right now!!!
OK, so last time I wrote I was having the summer blahs. Well, like the next day I started talking to Mark and he's the biggest sweetie ever. Him and I have hung out a lil along w/ Melinda and her boi Trevor, and Amber and Chris until we got to know each other a lil. Then Melinda and I went out to his apartment in Davison. It's such a cute lil apartment and his cat is adorable. Well, he came to one of Kelley's track meets and then took me to Gracies (like I said, a total sweetie). He's such a gentleman and I fall for him all over again every day:) So as you can see, life has never been better:)
Current Mood: happy

12th May 2004

1:56pm: Summer blahs!
Ok, so I have a bad case of the summer blahs. With few friends at home and no money it kinda sucks. I have been doing observations hours which is pretty darn cool. I really enjoy Carman Ainsworth a lot. The students seem to be pretty good considering the area and some of the situations they've been in. I really enjoy the diversity and the size of that school. There are 33 different ethnicities represented and about 1750 students in the school. I think that's about how many are in Montrose's entire school district and that's just one of Flint's school district's. Ok, well I'm working on a blanket for Karris and I'm gonna go do that some more. Peace Yo
Current Mood: blah
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