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What a week!

Recruitment is going excellent. I have met so many amazing girls and I hope that my "rush crush" comes back for theme parties b/c she has to be my little. So i got some news from my mom today that makes me worry about marriage. A very good family freind has been having an affair on his wife of 26 years with a younger woman! All he had to say about it was "it's been 20 hours get over it!" If I were her I would have responded w/ it's been 26 years and I'm over it and walked out. She keeps worrying about her kids but they are like 24, 21, and 15...I think they should all be able to understand where she is comming from. It's absolutely ridiculous what this man has put her too. All because the sex wasn't "ronchie" enough. Hello, it's been 26 years, did you ever stop to think that it's not ronchie b/c you can't even get it up anymore. I hope I don't see him though, b/c i'm almost certain I would bitch slap him. Anywho, Mark I love you and I would consider killing you if you ever did anything like this to me! Ok, not really...but I can garuntee you that I would leave it a heartbeat, but I have never thought you would do something like this but then again I never thought he would either and i'm sure his wife didn't expect anything like this either. Also, I had an emotional breakdown...ick
:( so this news from my household isn't making me feel too much better about things. ON A REALLY GOOD NOTE, I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE TEACHING PROGRAM....2 MORE YEARS OF CLASS AND A SEMESTER OF STUDENT TEACHING AND I'M OUUTA THIS BIOTCH!!!
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