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What a weekend!!!

Ok, so this weekend was spectacular overall. Friday was busy, as usual. They always are my busy day. But Mark got here pretty early and we hung out until dinner time. We went to McDonalds (McYumyums) for dinner before going to the house for the night. I was so happy that we weren't busy saferiding and him and I had a blast picking out kids names that were funny and playing MASH and drawing our dream're goofy I know. Well Saturday I was supposed to meet at the SGA office to go to the game but I was up late saferiding, and up even later couging so I decided it was in my best interest to sleep all day, so I did. Well, when I finally got outta bed mark and I showered (separately)and got ready for the day. We went up to Clare and he took me to this really good Chinese restaurant for lunch, some little shops in downtown Clare (basically a porcelien doll shop and a jewelry store) and then we went to Jay's sporting goods. We had a blast and there were a bunch of people across the parking lot from Jay's selling puppies, so of course I had to hold everyone of them :) When we were in Jay's we played with like everything imaginable. After that we came back to my apartment and watched Cheaper by the Dozen and Someone Like You then got some Taco Bell for dinner (at like midnight). Sometime during the day Mark went to the store and got us some icecream and he came back with a dozen Red Roses (my favorite). After eating we went to bed. This morning we got up and watched the end of Muppets in Manhattan, while I cooked some pancakes for breakfast, and Burce Almighty when we were eating breakfast. After that he walked the garbage out with my and went home :( but now I'm at the library updating this because I think I have enough research for my term paper that is due tomorrow so I'm about to go back to my apartment and type it. Wish me luck! P.S I love you Mark, thanks for the best 6 month anniversary ever :)
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